Monday, March 26, 2007

I've Got Curves!

A few weeks ago my Toy surprised me with a gift. It is a black latex corset. It is so sexy. Here is a picture of it...

First of all, to make the title relavent I need to give you a little background. I have never been described as curvy. I am basically straight from ribs to hips. (I'm only exaggerating slightly!)

After my Toy surprised me with my new corset I ran to the bathroom to try it on! He got me all laced up the back and cinched up tight. I couldn't believe my eyes....I DO have a waist! I couldn't believe it.

I am so in love with this new thing....I can't wait to incorporate it into my wardrobe. (I just have to get some of that polish to make it GLEAM!) I can just imagine wearing it to work under a crisp white button-down shirt. Mmmmm, delish. I love the way it gets warm from my body heat after I have it on for a while. It's like it becomes a part of me.

NOTE: This was purchased from Eros Boutique. Horrible customer service and I would not recommend using them. He ordered this months ago and after trying to follow up on the order, was unable to reach the company by phone or email. When he was about to request our money back from the credit card company it arrived, shoved in a carboard tissue, no plastic, no invoice, no nada. Nice touch guys, way to make your customers feel special. At least the Stockroom give you a lollipop!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

All Work and No Play

...Makes for a very dull blog.

We have been working a lot lately and have only seen each other in passing. I think we have only had dinner together three times this month. So needless to say, the crop is a little dusty.

My Toy has done something so sweet recently I had to share....

A few weeks ago I ran out of my favorite perfume. I was so's my favorite scent. I have others, but none that compare. I just couldn't bring myself to put on anything else. (And I couldn't throw the empty bottle away either. Maybe if I let it sit there long enough it will magically refill itself!)

St. Patricks Day is the anniversary of our engagement (9 years ago!) After my Toy got home from work that night we had the usual chit-chat and went up to get ready for bed. As I was undressing I noticed something...a BRAND NEW BOX sitting with my perfumes!!! A new bottle! (See, I was right! I let the empty bottle sit there and it DID refill itself!)

It was such a sweet thing since we haven't gotten to spend much time together lately. Just a little reminder that he's thinking abot me...

And tonight we get to have dinner together...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Me? Aggressive?

Maybe just a little...

I was just reading this article on Yahoo and I had to laugh at all the things that men want their women to be. More of this, less of that....

Sorry guys, didn't mean to make you feel little. Whatever. If a guy pleases his wife, she will certainly please him back....if you know what I mean. I think more men should be reading Femdom blogs instead of asking their women to be more of this now, a little less later. How confusing.

This, however, is the only part of this article that I agree with:

Relationship Point: The Hook Up
Guys' Take: Women Aren't Aggressive Enough
Men certainly have long lists when it comes to their bedroom wants: a little more of this, a lot more of that, fat-free whipped cream please. But if there's one thing that men really crave in the bedroom, it's not a certain position, or even a certain act. It's a certain attitude. What many men want when it comes to sex is for women to show a little more assertion, aggression, and initiation. In the aforementioned national survey, only 25 percent of men rate their current partners as an 8 or higher on a 1-10 scale of sexual aggressiveness, while 60 percent of men say that's the level they'd like her to be. Many guys feel that if his mate is confident in the bedroom, he's more likely to stick with her beyond the bedroom walls.
(Like he's doing her some kind of favor. Please.)

The only part that men never seem to grasp is that women need to feel loved and cherished OUTSIDE the bedroom before they can build confidence IN the bedroom.

I am so lucky to have a loving submissive husband who supports me and fosters my growth as a woman! Cheers to D/s!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Latent Fantasy

I've just realized something.

I like to bite. Alot.

I have always been a nibbler, but lately my Toy has challenged me to bite harder. I have been testing my limits...and his.

My absolute favorite spot is the apple of his cheek. It's just so cute and round, but I'm afraid of bruising his cheek. (Can you imagine...."How did that happen?") I have been experimenting with other spots too. The ear lobe, of course, is my second favorite. I can bite there pretty hard, but I still don't want to pull a Mike Tyson.

The one place that really gets him squirming is when I bite his cock or balls. When I bite his cock I like to use my incisors...nice and pointy. I love how spongy it feels between my teeth. And how great to feel his balls sliding away from my pressure inside of their sack.

I think I should practice more tonight!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Butt Plug Almost Broke My Nose

Not Hot.

Not Sexy.

While I try to be a constantly sexy dominant woman sometimes life gets in the way. I don't know if it's re-entering normal society after being in Vegas...or that it's still winter and snowing furiously when I'm ready for spring...or if it is getting the little one to bed much too late every night...or if it is our high work related stresses...or the aggravation of trying to sell some real estate we want to unload...or if it is just all of those...but I haven't been feeling very sexy lately.

It all started when I pulled our overflowing toy box down from the high shelf and my Toy's CB2000 fell out and broke. Not good. Then, because I have a short memory, I did the same thing a few days later and a butt plug fell out and smacked me right in the nose. Are you kidding me? A butt plug? Good thing my Toy is still using a small one! At any rate, we need a bigger box.

Just writing this post has made me feel better.

Now I just need to whip something. Where's my crop?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Constant Reminder

As I mentioned in a prior post here, my Toy and I were in Vegas recently. We had a great time as always! Leisurely mornings of snuggling, orgasms and breakfast in bed....ahhh bliss.

Late in the evening on Valentine's Day I took him to a tattoo parlor as promised. All day he kept saying "You're not really going to make me do this are you?" and my reply "Of course, I don't make promises I don't intend to keep."

It was all fun and games, until we got there. As soon as my Toy and I stepped in the door he got really quiet. I was in charge and loving it. I was telling the tattoo artist what I wanted and where...but I must not have made it clear that my Toy was getting the tattoo, not me. Oops. He was quite excited when he thought he would be working on me, but then I clarified that no, he was to tattoo my Toy. My my, how attitudes change. He starts freaking out and says that he won't tattoo another guy THERE. Then he tries to talk me into putting it somewhere else, like on his hip or something. I didn't want it anywhere else, and it CAN be done, so just do it. After a lot of stammering on his part, he finally got to work.

So there is my hot little Toy standing in a tattoo parlor in Vegas, late at night, with his pants pulled partially down. (It's making me wet again just thinking about it.) I felt so powerful and in-control of his body. Just as I was reveling in my power, the artist yells across the place to his buddy "Hey, you wanna see a chorizo?" That is what my Toy had been reduced to, a piece of meat. But it was ok with me...I was having too much fun.

The actual tattoo took about five minutes and turned out beautifully. My initials, in my handwriting. It couldn't be better. Now whenever my Toy looks at his penis he is reminded of who it belongs to.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sex n Guns

I have tried my best not to bring this up, but I can't hold it in any longer....

Why are Americans more at ease with guns than sex? This is on my mind because of the Super Bowl. Watching the game this year brought up memories of that fun time with Miss Janet. (Which if you actually watched it in real time, was imperceptible.) Anyway, while Prince was playing this year we were reminiscing about how up in arms everyone was about seeing a boob.

The part I really don't understand is that right after Prince finished playing, the next FIVE commercials had guns and shooting...shows like 24 etc. It was startling. My son was standing in front of the TV with his mouth hanging open absorbing it all. I was like Holy Crap! Can we change the channel please! Then a couple of days after the game everyone was complaining that the guitar that Prince used was "Too Phallic". What? Are you kidding? Didn't anyone see the commericals afterward?

The reason I say Americans is because the sex-phobia seems to only exist here in the US. Europeans don't seem to have the same hang-ups. Look at the ad for the Mini Cooper on Saratoga's page here. Did you see this ad run on tv here? I didn't think so. I just don't understand what's so wrong with sex. I would much rather have my son see boobs than people shooting each other. I can't believe people let their kids play games like Grand Theft Auto. I just don't get it.

I want my son to grow up with a positive self-image. I don't want him to ever think that sex is dirty. (Unless you want it to be. Hahaha...sorry, off topic.) Bodies are OK, guns are definately NOT.